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Active Desktop Recovery Error


My Desktop is in “Active Desktop Recovery” mode and when I click on Restore
My Desktop, a window pops up that says Internet Explorer Script Error, Line:
65, Char:1   Error:Object doesn’t support this action  Code: 0   URL
Do you want to continue running scripts on this page?  Yes or No
…..my problem is, it doesn’t matter whether I choose Yes or No, I can’t get
my desktop to recover.    I uninstalled IE 7 and reinstalled it, and the same
thing happened again?  I would appreciate any help with this problem.  Thank
you, Betsy


  • Click Start, click Run, type regedit, and then click OK.
  • Locate and then click the following registry subkey:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Microsoft > Internet Explorer > Desktop > 
SafeMode > Components
  • In the right pane, right-click DeskHtmlVersion, and then click Modify.


  • In the Value data box, type 0, and then click OK. Exit Registry Editor.



Please ‘save as’ to ‘activedesktopfix.vbs’

Once run, click Refresh on your desktop

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My machine had this symptom for quite a while.  It popped up every a few hours and taking much of the CPU resource. I end up need to terminate the process from the Task Manager every time. Scanning by Avira and MalwareByte AntiMalware did not really resolve this problem.  Until yesterday I found a forum thread dropping a little hint that Avast may resolve the problem.

It did! I had uninstalled my Avira and installing back Avast on my machine. It detected C:\WINDOWS\system32\autorun.wsh as a virus with High severity. See http://www.exterminate-it.com/malpedia/file/autorun.wsh. Hope this will help someone.

svchost_error.jpg unhandled error image by pitbull_1973

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I have excel spreadsheet that has forms, controls (drop downs, date pickers, buttons) and many name ranges and formulas.

A few days back, a user pointed out that the spreadsheet had crashed when he tried to re-open it. Later I found that the spreadsheet consistently crashed when we re-open it third time upon saving twice. Interestingly, Excel 2007 manage to open it without problem.

I’m been spending two days looking for any clue that would resolve this problem. My  initial thought there must be one of those controls that caused this. But eventually found the problem was because there was a reference to external file in the Name Range (Insert > Name > Define.. )

Give this a look if you have similar problem. Hope this would save your time as I could not find this info from google.

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I’ve been searching the solution for past couple of days using keyword like above (title) but did not find any that meet my requirement.

It is just today I found the exact solution that I want on this site http://whitemarker.blogspot.com/2006/05/ajax-back-button-fix-with-php-and-html.html

Hope this will save someone time next time.


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It is announced today that the blog is moving from old address (chedet.com) to a new address (chedet.cc). No explanation was given.

It is strange because;

1/ .com name would be preferable over any other dots normally, so moving from .com to .cc is something abnormal

2/ the new address (.cc) would then redirect to .co.cc site, and again, we are seing the blog is not made as a default root folder, hence the new address being http://www.chedet.co.cc/chedetblog/. This is just not an ideal setting.

3/ I do not know whether there were ads blocks on the old blog address before, but I just notice a few ads blocks on the latest one. Strange, someone as high profile as Mahathir would resort putting ads on his blog. Even though this is  practical to cover bandwidth cost, it may affect viewers’ perception on the blogger.

I could only figure out one reason behind this move, they are moving the hosting to a cheaper one, since it could have been a issue on bandwidth and cost on the previous hosting. It is widely known that his blog receving a lot of viewers everyday, thus bandwidth could be an issue.

But then, even if they are moving to the new host due to bandwidth issue, actually it could be done without changing the blog address. You can just move the address to the new hoster. So, all of all, this is strange.

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Word's Undersea Cables

World's Undersea Cables

Ever wonder how our Internet connections are made through out the world? Click the map to see clearer picture. It consists of hundreds of fiber optic cables being laid out undersea trough out oceans. These cables amazingly small – diameter less than 10cm, but carried 7.1 terabits per second (tbps) equaling 7.1 trillion bits per second. Thats how fast it goes. However, once this small cable being disturbed underwater, it may has devastating effect on our internet speed. There are several incidents recently being reported and experienced where cables near South Korea, Egypt and the latest near France had been accidentally either cut-off or dragged off sites by ships’ anchor, trawler net or earth quake. So the bottom line is, the worldundersea-cable-vietnam internet usage is depending on this less than 10cm cables.

Another interesting way to see is;

“Do you know, every words and pictures you see on your browser, they have traveled under deep water sea? “*

*provided the sire you surf is from other region

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I made a small program called sticky photo since I had spend some time on the net looking for one, but could not find it. What I want is a simple program that will display a picture on my desktop (sticky). So the program I made will do just that! Feel free to use it!

  • Programming code: VB.NET
  • Platform : Windows
  • License : Freeware

Note: Right click, click Save As . Rename Setup.doc to Setup.exe and then run it.

Download here (Save As) : StickyPhoto

UPDATED (07 Aug’ 08): The download is disabled for a while until I have time to fix some bugs.

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